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Basic Vegan Mac and Cheese

Bowl of vegan macaroni and cheese


200g macaroni

⅓ cup vegan butter

½ cup flour

3 cups soy milk (or any non-dairy milk)

½ tsp salt

½ cup nutritional yeast


Cook the macaroni according to the instructions on the packet.

Whilst the macaroni is cooking, melt the vegan butter in a large saucepan.

Whisk in the flour and mix until it forms a thick paste. Cook for 1 minute.

Add ½ cup soy milk and whisk until combined. Continue adding soy milk, ½ a cup at a time, and whisking over a medium heat, allowing to cook for a minute each time.

Stir in the nutritional yeast.

Stir the cooked pasta through until well combined.

Sprinkle with Almocashyee before serving.


The thickness of the sauce will depend on the type of milk and the type of flour.

If the sauce is too thick, add more milk, in ½ cup additions.

The sauce will thicken after cooking.

Add frozen peas, cooked mushrooms or chopped broccoli for extra veggie nutrition.

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