I’ve been to St Kilda twice. Once in December, 2016 and once in April, 2018. I don’t know how I missed Sister of Soul in 2016 but I made up for it in 2018 – eating there five times in five days.

Sister of Soul is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with a soul. Food scraps and coffee grinds go to the local community garden, where they also have a plot and grow their own food. Other food ingredients are ethically sourced and their menu includes gluten-free, raw, no garlic and no onion options.

They are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between.

The first night I was carb loading for Challenge Melbourne so I had the gnocchi with almond feta.

Bowl of gnocchi with basil and a bowl of edamame beans in the background. Photo taken at Sister of Soul St Kilda

Gramm Magazine have done a write up of the gnocchi including a recipe if you feel like making it yourself. I also had a bowl of edamame. Because, edamame!

I really wanted the chocolate tart but I was too full, so I promised myself that I’d go back after the race to test it out. I started thinking of that chocolate tart when I was on the 90km bike leg, and continued thinking about it during the half marathon.

And it lived up to expectations. It had a crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth base, with a smooth creamy chocolate and sour cherry filling, served with roast hazelnuts and a coffee cream.

Bowl of edamame beans

The next day I went for breakfast. I’m use to cafes opening at 6am for breakfast on the Gold Coast. The kitchen here opens at 8am, but that doesn’t seem unusual for Melbourne. It was still dark and cold and foggy on this April morning when I went. Not like the bright, blue sunny skies of Queensland.

There were so many choices – did I want sweet pancakes or brioche toast, or something savoury like scrambled tofu, smashed pumpkin or smashed avo, or a lighter smoothie bowl option? I went for the big breakfast – marinated tofu, roast mushrooms, avocado, tomato kasundi, potato rosti, spinach and sourdough. And I wasn’t disappointed. An array of flavours and textures to tempt the taste buds.

Plate of big breakfast. Toast, spinach, #vegan #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #veganlife #veganfoodspot #feedfeedvegan #veganrecipes #instavegan #govegan #whatveganseat #healthy #bestofvegan  #crueltyfree #foodie #foodpics #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #fitness #wholesome #cleaneats #fitfoodie #foodiefeed #plantpowered  #foodbloggers #dairyfree #sweetsandgreens #sweet #eatclean  #forkyeah brown and mushrooms. Photo taken at Sister of Soul St Kilda

And then I found myself there again for dinner, just because there were so many dishes to try and only one stomach to fill. I was looking at the menu before I went and had pretty much settled on the rawsagne, although I was tempted by curries, stir-frys and burgers.

Once I got there I couldn’t go past the gyozas. They are definitely a favourite of mine and these ones didn’t disappoint. And then as I was giving my order to the waiter the words ‘nasi goreng’ came out instead of rawsagne, so I had the nasi goreng instead.

Plate of vegan gyoza and dipping sauce. Photo taken at Sister of Soul St Kilda

And to top off the dinner I ordered the banoffee. It was a little bit unexpected. I’m use to banoffee being a biscuit base then layers of toffee and banana (hence the name). This one was a deconstructed banoffee with a coconut foam, that was super light and airy. The flavours were amazing with the toffee flavour coming through in some syrupy goodness.

Deconstructed banoffe pie. Photo taken at Sister of Soul St Kilda

I was planning for that to be my last meal at Sister of Soul, but the next morning there was time between my walk and when I had to catch the bus to the airport to fit in one more visit. I went back for my morning coffee. I’m no coffee connoisseur, I just enjoy coffee. And I knew this one was going to be good because the morning was cool and the mug was made of pottery and and had no handles. It was just made for hugging. Regardless of the flavour of the coffee, the feeling I got from that coffee was comforting.

And I ordered the French toast. I always think French toast for breakfast is a risk, because I don’t like anything too sweet for breakfast and French toast has a tendency of being too sweet for me. But this one wasn’t. It came with a scoop of pistachio and fig gelato, fruits and not-honeycomb.

French toast with pistachio ice cream. Photo taken at Sister of Soul St Kilda

Overall, I can’t fault Sister of Soul. It’s a busy place, and even on a Monday night there was a waitlist. They have an inexpensive smoothie, wine and beer list too, as well as a variety of hot beverages like chai lattes, mushroom lattes and carrot lattes with their homemade nut milks.

Handleless mug of soy cappuccino. Photo taken at Sister of Soul St Kilda

I may just have to do Challenge Melbourne again just to try out the rest of the Sister of Soul menu.


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