I’d like to prove Homer and Bart Simpson wrong – you can win friends with salad!

A big, green salad a day provides so many benefits. Join me for a salad a day every day. Healthy and full of vitamins and minerals.


I’m sure you’ve heard the advice to eat more greens or to eat a big salad everyday. So what’s stopping you?

  • Is it too hard to think of different types of salad?
  • Do you think lettuce leaves are boring?
  • Need some new ideas for interesting salads to make?
  • You don’t know what dressing to use?
  • You don’t like salad?
  • You think salad is for rabbits?

There are so many excuses that we make everyday to avoid making and eating salads. I’m here to help you stop those excuses and enjoy salads. Think I can do it? What have you got to lose? Everyday in January I’m going to post a new salad to help you eat a salad a day for 30 days. I’ll create the recipe, you put it together and eat it.

*EDIT* I’ve since posted all of the salads which you can find under the Category Salad A Day; or I’ve collated all of the recipes into an ebook which is on sale here. The ebook can be downloaded onto a smart phone, tablet or computer so you don’t have to keep accessing the internet to find the recipes.

So what types of salads will I include? I once ordered a tomato salad in Capri, Italy and received a plate of tomatoes. I must admit those tomatoes were pretty tasty but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

A big, green salad a day provides so many benefits. Join me for a salad a day every day. Healthy and full of vitamins and minerals.


The salads I’m planning will include more than one ingredient but will be simple enough to whip up quickly. Typically salads are a mix of raw and cooked vegetables seasoned with a dressing of oil or vinegar.

I know what you’re thinking …

Why should I eat salad? What are the benefits? What’s in it for me?

There are plenty of benefits and here are a couple to get you started.

  1. Salad provides lots of fibre. What’s so great about fibre? Well, it keeps you regular. And the beauty of being regular is a clean, clear intestine and colon, nothing getting clogged up and putrefying inside your body. Fibre also helps with blood sugar levels, reduces the chance of kidney stones and gallstones and improves your skin health. Basically fibre makes you look good on the outside by keeping you clean on the inside.
  2. Salad vegetables provide high levels of antioxidants. Free radicals are molecules that can cause damage to our cells and antioxidants help keep them at bay. Antioxidants also help lower the risk of some cancers.
  3. Good fats: Oil dressings, avocados and nuts provide a good dose of healthy fats which are needed for optimal cell development.

So the three reasons in a nutshell: fibre, antioxidants and fats. Basically salads make you look good and feel good.

Do you want to join me? I’ll take away the thinking of salad ideas, all you have to do is make them and eat them. All of the salads will serve four people, but you can adjust portions to suit your circumstances. Make more and have salad for lunch at work, make less if you don’t want so much.

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