Many years ago at a similar time of year I sent my five year old son out into this big, wide world of ours, off to his first day of school. There was a feeling of joy and excitement but also of fear and apprehension. Was he ready, would he make friends, would he be okay?

Just a few days ago I experienced those same feelings all over again. Not through sending a child off to school but by launching my first ebook – The Little Book of Vegan Dinners – into the big, wide world of Amazon. There was a feeling of joy and excitement but also of fear and apprehension. Would anyone find it, would anyone buy it, would anyone like it enough to leave a review?

After months of recipe writing, testing, re-writing, re-testing and photographing each and every recipe, my ebook was ready to be released. The moment came – midnight Pacific time in the US and 6pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

On that first day of school I thought about what Trent would be doing every minute of the day – would he be able to open his lunchbox, did he know how to ask to go to the toilet, could he hold his pencil properly. And on the first day of the release of my book I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was attached even more closely to my computer (is that even possible?) checking the downloads page. One download, two downloads, three downloads – thanks mum, and my sisters; four downloads, five downloads – thanks to my husband and son, six downloads, seven downloads – friends, yes!

The numbers kept growing. So many friends and family shared my links and bought my book, and I’m truly grateful for their support. But what really blew me away was the response that I’ve had from people around the world. So many people signed up to my mailing list after a prompt in the book – not just from Australia, but from Europe and North America, Africa and Asia.

It’s hard to explain but it’s a little daunting and super exciting knowing that there are people who are trying out recipes that I have created. And as I sit down to write this, I’m thinking about those who are sitting down to a meal, eating their dinner from a recipe in my book.

If you haven’t downloaded my book you can do so here and if you have, and you liked it you could leave a five star review on Amazon.com or on my Facebook page. I’m not sure how I’ll repay your generosity, but just know I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Now that my book has been released, it’s not time to sit on my laurels, I’m back in the kitchen testing and re-testing recipes for the next two books which will be out soon. And if you’ve made something from my book don’t forget to take a photo and tag me on whichever social media you choose. Or use my contact page to share it with me privately.

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