Last week I wrote about the LCHF reset I did and explained what a LCHF lifestyle looks like, the benefits and challenges, the expectations, what foods to eat and what to avoid.

If you missed it, you can read up on it here.

Today I’m going to give an overview of what I ate, how I trained, how I felt during the reset – the good, the bad, the ugly. Be warned, there may even be some poop talk!

The History

Let me start with a little bit of history.

In December 2019, I was feeling a little heavy, running was getting hard and some weight had been creeping on over the preceding months. I was up to almost 65kg and at 163cm tall, that’s not great.

I decided to do something about it and used an app called Cronometer to track all my food and exercise. I did that until around mid April and lost around 7kg.

Me at Yamba Triathlon December, 2019

I was following The Natural Nutritionist  quite a few years ago because of her knowledge around triathlon training, but as many of her meals had animal products in them I gradually stopped following.

I have a triathlon YouTube channel and we interviewed a guy in Canada called Triathlon Taren, and as part of my research for the interview I again became acquainted with The Natural Nutritionist aka Steph Lowe.


Now, many years after initially following, I knew so much more about replacements for animal products in meals and found it much easier to see how I could work a Low Carb High Fat approach into my vegan lifestyle.

So, I signed up for a Two Week Reset, which was to start the day after Easter Sunday. The only thing to do before the start of the reset was to gorge on the foods that I wouldn’t be able to eat. I don’t recommend this, but I’d say it’s pretty hard to stop yourself. Hello Easter buns and chocolate, and more Easter buns and ice cream and lollies and biscuits and cake. Yep, I gorged.

Then the reset began.

This is week one of the two week reset.

NOTE: I’ll be posting most of these recipes over the coming weeks, so either sign up to my newsletter, or come back each week to see what’s new.

The Reset

Day 1 – Weight 61.6kg

Feelings – a bit gassy – probably all those hot cross buns!

I had a bullet proof coffee – which is a shot of coffee and 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tsp of nuttlex before going for a 10km run, and I felt a bit sick. Being early on Day 1, I’d say it was the oil jumping up and down in my stomach that made me feel like vomiting, and not the fact that my diet had changed as it had only been a few hours.

I also had a headache for most of the day, probably due to the reduced coffee. Previously, I was having 2-3 cups per day.

I didn’t start recording the times of my meals until later in the week but I ate:

Breakfast: Almond and Berry Chia Pudding

Lunch: Frittata

Dinner: Vegetable Soup with Paleo bread

Day 2 – Weight 59.7kg

Feelings – I felt tired and achy all day, particularly my shoulders and upper back, almost flu like but not as severe. This feeling is often called ‘Keto Flu’ or as Steph likes to call it ‘The Metabolic Grey Zone.’ It’s associated with the body wanting carbs because that’s what it’s use to burning and it isn’t getting any. These symptoms can vary widely person to person, and can last anywhere from a few hours to 10 days.

Training – 30km bike ride – felt ok, not super strong but not too weak.

Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Lunch: Left over frittata

Dinner: Vegan salad with tofu


Tofu Frittata


Day 3 – Weight 59.4kg

Feelings – I took it quite easy today as I was feeling a bit fatigued. I had 2 walks  – a 7km and a 5km walk.

I’ve always been a good sleeper, I could get to sleep very easily but lately I had been waking up during the night. I’ve noticed that I’m not waking up during the night now.

Breakfast: I had a green smoothie at 8:30 and was hungry at 11am.

Lunch: Left over salad from the night before

Dinner: Crispy tofu with broccoli and kale salad

Day 4 – Weight 59kg

Feelings – Again I felt achy and fatigued.

I went for a 2 hour easy bike ride and really struggled by the end of it.

I felt hungry as soon as I woke up, but didn’t eat and just went for a ride.

As soon as I came home I ate ½ cup roast pumpkin with salt and pepper. This is one of the carb foods to eat post exercise, although sweet potato is the option rather than pumpkin as it has more carbs. I didn’t have any sweet potato, but I had some roast pumpkin. With the salt and pepper, it was delicious and definitely filled a hole.

Breakfast: 9:30 Smoothie

Lunch: 1:30 left over from dinner the night before

Snack: I was thinking about food by 3pm – although I realised after that it was thirst not hunger. I did, however, eat one of the recommended snack options – 1 carrot + 1 tbsp almond butter.

Have you ever had carrot and almond butter? OMG It’s an amazing snack and quite filling. Make sure you use 100% almond butter, with nothing but almonds.

Dinner: Low Carb Buddha Bowl

Cauliflower Soup with Zucchini and Pumpkin Bread

Day 5 – Weight 58.1kg

Still had some soreness today. I felt a bit like a stick figure and had soreness everywhere where there’s a stick, but it’s definitely easing. My sleep continues to be really good.

I had a 4km walk today and did some yoga. I feel like I need to just nurture myself through the initial phase and not do anything too strenuous, so yoga and walking it is until I feel stronger.

Breakfast: Almond and Berry Chia Pudding

Lunch: Leftovers from last night’s dinner

Snack: 30g nuts and seeds

Dinner: Crispy tofu with broccoli and kale salad


Day 6 – Weight 57.6kg

Feelings – I feel like I’m super low on energy. I live on the second floor of an apartment and I struggled walking up the stairs today.

I’m going to sleep early, but I woke soon after falling asleep and then was a bit restless for an hour or so.

I’ve also been researching MAF running, which is basically doing all of your long runs at an aerobic pace. In my case that’s a maximum heart rate of 135 bpm. If you’ve ever run, that’s super slow. I ran 30 minutes today wearing a heart rate monitor and kept my heart rate low. It was a struggle – both the running and the low heart rate.

I feel like I don’t have structure around my eating. I’ve always eaten breakfast and now with this LCHF reset and being at home due to COVID-19, I’ve lost some structure around meal times. The benefits of LCHF is you don’t necessarily need to eat breakfast as soon as you wake up. Meal times should be when you’re hungry with the aim of meals being around 5 hours apart to give your gut some time to rest.

Breakfast: Coffee at 8am and then savoury breakfast at 10:30, consisting of cooked mushrooms, pumpkin, capsicum, tofu and avocado

Lunch: Started feeling hungry around 12 but think it’s thirst so drank a few glasses of water and didn’t have lunch, because I was no longer hungry.

Snack: 2:30 carrot and almond butter – again. This has become a favourite, even though I’ve only had it twice.

Dinner: 6pm Zucchini Pasta with veggies and avocado

Zucchini and Pumpkin Bread

Day 7 – Weight 57.7kg

One week in … I feel like I’m less farty and bloated. I still really lack energy. I had a really good, deep sleep. Went for a 4km walk and did an easy 30 mins of yoga.

Breakfast: Coffee at 6:30 and a Breakfast smoothie at 9:00

Lunch: 12:30 – Salad with tofu

Dinner: 6:30 Chia pudding – Lunch filled me up and so I just had the chia pudding for dinner.

I’m not feeling hungry. The meals are really satisfying me, on most days, and I find I can have quite a few hours between meals.


That’s one week of food and feelings. It probably took me until Day 10 for me to start feeling like I had energy. By Day 12 I was back riding like I had been previously.

I wasn’t craving food, I wasn’t feeling hungry. The food part was fine for me almost every day. I had one day when I was super hungry all day. I just didn’t feel satisfied. The main strategy I used to combat this was drinking water. Previous to this reset, I’d probably drink about 1 litre of water a day. Now I’m drinking a minimum of 2 litres and most days closer to three.

The other thing I did was distraction. As there was nothing in my fridge or pantry to snack on except vegetables, I just didn’t snack.

My weight plateaued and sits around 57-58kg, which is a good weight for my height and age.

One day 12 I did a first aid course. Something I noticed that day was how alert I was all day. There were no sugar or coffee cravings in the afternoon and I was able to concentrate for the whole day. It really felt different to how I’d been previously.

I’m heading into weeks 3 and 4, which is like a consolidation and the introduction of about 2 more serves of complex carbohydrates each week.

The biggest take away for me is that I generally have no interest in food in between meals. It’s been quite a revelation.

I’ll be posting recipes in the coming weeks, but if you have more questions, you can sign up to do your own reset here, or ask me over on Instagram or Facebook.

I’ve not been paid and don’t receive any commission on the reset, but I’ve noticed a heap of benefits and so I’d recommend it.

Thai Green Tofu Curry with Cauliflower Rice


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