Looking for a delicious vegan yogurt that’s full of healthy gut probiotics? Kultured Wellness coconut yogurt is what you need. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to make your own. Even if you’re not a cook. Trust me, this simple recipe is as easy as pouring a yogurt culture into a jar, opening some cans of coconut cream and pouring them into the jar and stirring it up.

Seriously! Simple!

Two largs jars of homemade Kultured Wellness coconut yogurt

All you need is a jar and a wooden spoon. Two utensils. Two ingredients. Two litres of the best vegan yogurt that you’ll find. And you can reuse some of that yogurt for your next batch.

Coconut yogurt an alternative to dairy yogurt. It’s made with coconut milk and a yogurt starter. It’s a very simple process to make your own dairy free yogurt that will keep well in the fridge. Once you’ve made the plain yogurt then you can blend all sorts of fruits and spices with it to make it flavoured. Try it with berries, or cinnamon, or banana, or blend it through your favourite smoothie for added nutrition.

Using the Kultured Wellness starter, you’re making a fermented coconut yogurt that has many health benefits for your gut. When making the non dairy yogurt you can ferment it plain so it’s ready for savoury dishes like curries, or ferment it with fruits and spices for a more complex flavour.

Two jars of layers coconut yogurt and granola with 2 spoons

Layered granola and coconut yogurt

Coconut yogurt nutrition comes from the fermenting process. The main benefits of fermenting are to ensure that you are getting a wide variety of beneficial bacteria to support your gut diversity. Kultured Wellness cultures – both their coconut yogurt culture and their kefir culture use blends of probiotic bacteria strains that work together in synergy to either rebuild damaged gut microbiome, or maintain healthy gut microbiome.

Eating non dairy yogurt such as this one will help in your quest for optimal health, but does so in a way that is quick and simple.

Head to Kultured Wellness and use the code “sweetsandgreens” for 10% off all cultures, then head back here for the recipe.

Here’s an easy coconut yogurt recipe. Serve with granola.


Coconut Yogurt

Jar of layered coconut yogurt and granola with a spoon and fig slice
  • Author: Amanda
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2 Litres 1x



1 Kultured Wellness Coconut yogurt starter

2L Ayam brand coconut cream


Place the ingredients in a large glass jar and stir with a wooden spoon until combined.

Secure the lid on the jar and leave on the kitchen bench for 8-12 hours (depending on how warm it is where you live).

Taste the yogurt. It should be tangy and rid of any sweetness.

Transfer to the fridge, where it will thicken up.

Keep one cup from this batch aside for your next ferment.

Repeat this method 5 times before purchasing a new starter.

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Jar of layered coconut yogurt and granola with a spoon and fig slice

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